The nightmare is completly over

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The nightmare is completly over
Sat, 03-23-2013 - 3:43pm

I am 100% sure that we are safe from the monster I married. I hate how we found out but he has died. He walked out in front of a car Monday. His mother emailed my oldest and I don't like how she worded things and if I didn't know better i would give her the benifit of doubt that she is just grieving but she has always been that way. But  thankfully after talking to my daughter she doesn't feel the guilt that women tried to make her feel. My heart goes out to his mother as a mother myself and the fact that she has now outlived two of her three children but no need to hurt my child. So far three of my children know (one is out of town with a friend's family) and are ok with it. It makes me a little sad that my 11 year old said she was ok with it because she didn't know him. I know its better that she didn't and thankfully one of them was young enough to not really remember anything but its sad that this man was her father. DS was a little sad but said now he can't hurt us or anyone else and the world is a better place without him in it and he wanted him dead. I will be keeping a close eye on DS to make sure he stays ok and will be calling schools first thing Monday morning so they know to let me know of any changes. This man is now gone and he will no longer be the cause of any pain for this household!!

Harmony is you see this an cant respond can you email me? Over all I am ok but I have some mixed emotions and thoughts (strong anger surfacing) and I think you could help me make sense of everything. I emailed you the story about it.

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Sun, 03-24-2013 - 8:51am
April, you've got mail.

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