TS Isaac

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TS Isaac
Mon, 08-27-2012 - 9:29am

Good morning everyone.  I hope this finds you all safe and secure.  For our members and lurkers who are in the path of Isaac (we are here, but not very worried about it), please check in and let us know if you're sheltering in place or evacuating.  Also, please check back in once the storm passes and let us know if you're okay.

I'm in Louisiana, well away from the coast, so we aren't expecting anything but some wind and rain, however, we are expecting evacuees from some of the southern parishes in the state who are now under mandatory evacuation orders.  It could get interesting. The models are changing back and forth from west of NOLA to east of NOLA, and there's really no way of knowing exactly where it's going to make landfall or what category it will be.  Right now it looks pretty good, but that can change at any time.  I've always said that if Jim Cantore or Mike Sidell of the Weather Channel shows up anywhere near me, I'm outta here, lol.  Well, Cantore is in NOLA, but that's about 4 hrs south of me, so I think I'm outta there enough already.

For any members or lurkers, know that you're in our prayers for safety and minimal affects.  It feels very strange because this thing is expected to hit on the anniversary of Katrina.  Fortunately, the mayor of NOLA is a lot more on the ball than Nagen was with Katrina.  We'll all just have to wait and see.  If we lose power here, I will get a message to a board member outside of the area to check on the boards and let you know what's happening here.  Until then, just keep reading, posting and sending up prayers for minimal affect on all of us down here in this storm's path.  Hugs

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