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Thu, 09-05-2013 - 10:02pm

HI! I got a call last month July 18th at 9am . This is from the kids doctor . We had Ryan tested a couple of weeks before the call for lead .We knew he was in the school for a year and they had to redo it and there was a lot of lead dust around. So, Ryan wasnt test since 2012 in Jan. He has had lead since he was 2 years old and was going to the lab at the time every week for blood work . His highest has been at 27 points he has hit that mark  two times we had the house tested and redone too and the house past. Ryan has been AWESOME these 7 years and we had prayed and prayed for his lead to go down to the "normal" level of 5 . And the tests have never been lower than 7 and I answered the phone i was nervous and praying the test would be lower than 7 . Well the nurse called and had the results and she told me that it was at 5 points.!!!!!!!! I almost fainted and she was happy and i was too. Like i said Ryan has lead poison for 7 years and seeing your baby suffer and not knowing what to do just killed me we tryed everything from foods,drinks, massages, meds. I did have my doubts i will say that but God heard my prayers and I wanted Ryan healed right away but God had other plans . I even ask God to give me Ryan's lead and let him be just a little boy and then i gave Ryan over to God which was the hardest thing for me to do. There were ups and downs with his lead going up and down and not knowing why it would. The "normal "  level is 5points because it is everywhere and we breath it in . And I honestly couldnt believe my ears the first thing i did was thank God for this healing and for the people praying for him. We had a little party a couple of weeks ago next Summer we are planning on having a bigger party to celebrate . I just wanted to share this. THANKS

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Mon, 09-09-2013 - 2:07pm

Praise the Lord!  What an amazing answer to prayer!  You have been such an amazing mama through this whole ordeal. Praying for Ryan's # to always be 5 or below!!!!  Wooohooo!