May Praises & Prayers

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May Praises & Prayers
Mon, 05-06-2013 - 3:05pm

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Mon, 05-27-2013 - 12:13am

I have a request. First a praise for the last week and a half my shoulder has not hurt!!!!!!!Laughing I do have a prayer request. I mention before that the town is closing Ryan's school. Well they are making a new school in his classrooms. He goes to a school for kids with autism and he goes all year long even in the Summer. I know that my seem hard to parents and it was to me but for Ryan it is the best thing for him to keep learning.  We just heard about this last week!!And the SPED (special ed. guy in charge of the schools) never told any of the parents what was going to happen.  I'm heart broken about this he has until June27th and after that we have no idea where he will go not just for the Summer but for the Fall.WE had a meeting with the other parents and they are mad Ryan's teacher was there and she said that the SPED guy doesnt care at all about Ryans class. She wants to find another building to start a private school where his classmates and him can go and they can teach them they way they need too. We have no idea when that will happen. There is no other schools in the town or nearby ttowns that can take Ryan with his learning problems. The teachers at his school deal with kids like him and these teachers know Ryan ups and downs. Ryan is 9 years old and he thinks like a 2 year old and if I had to put him in a " regular" special ed class he will not learn and he will be lost. The only places that he could go is out of town or out of state and I dont want thatg at all . One of the parents wrote a letter to the supeintendent of schools and we want a  meeting with her soon to talk about the kids and the education and their schools. I dont care for her and I really dont think she will help us out at all. Iam so sad about this whole thing. I loce Ryan but I wouldnt know how to teach him for 2 months and he knows his classmates for 3 years now.  Please keep this in your prayers. The other parents want to bring pictures of their kids to the meeting to show her what they are like and what autism is to us and how much we need this school and these teachers. I also have meeting with one of his teachers this Tuesday to go over the meeting we just had Keith and I are new to this education stuff for Ryan most of the parents have been in the system longer than us. Ryan is one of the youngest kids in his school. I have also prayed that God will give me a voice for my kids and to help them out as long as I can. Please pray that I can use my voice to help Ryan and also that they can find a place for the kids and that they can all stay together and the teachers too.      I have another praise Cassi goes to the doctor this Friday to have her elbow looked at she is in a splint and she can take that off she can move her elbow and it looks good. Thanks. I will tell you all when the meeting is and what happens.