Things have gone from bad to worse

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Things have gone from bad to worse
Sun, 08-10-2003 - 11:19pm
(From the date of this post, things have changed for the better! They didnt get married and she came home!! We are now back to working things out. Thank you God!)

Today when we came home from church, our eldest had left us a note that she had moved out! she said it was the only thing she knew to do,based on we were arguing about the pastor. So she invited us to her cermony TOMORROW!We are beside ourselves with grief. I hd just talked with her yesterday about all this stuff, and told her we woulkd agree to meet with this pastor, and based on the fact that he was an honest( there were questions aobut that, too complicated to explain here) and a man of integrity, we would be fine. In the mean time, we had gotten all the major things done and booked so we didnt need to discuss it anymore till Jan. Then wecould go out and order dresses,flowers, etc. well,we drove out to his house and talked to them, i must say, my husband was very good. I was proud of him, he didnt blow his cool, he gave sound advice and was very gracious. I was just a basket case, I couldnt really talk much. THere is so much to cover here, I will skip to the chase.....please pray that God will convict them, and help Sara to see reason, and not jump into this so quickly. I also pray that brett, will also have the same. ( although my flesh wants to get rid of him at this point!My spirit will yeild to God's will, and I pray for for them both to yield to God. this is so sloppy, I am typing on my husbands computer, and its kinda weird to me. thank you, I need hugs today! Karen

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Mon, 08-11-2003 - 1:48am
Karen, relax. 1) God is still in control, and

2) we have to let our adult children make their

own decisions and learn from them.

I know this for a fact because I have 3 adult

children that are married, and a 13 year old.

Just be sure to pray for them that they will

do the right thing.

I will be in prayer for your family.



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Mon, 08-11-2003 - 1:54pm
((HUGS, HUGS, and more HUGS)) for you and Mark! God will work it all out; He always does!