How can I help my sister-in-law?

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How can I help my sister-in-law?
Tue, 08-08-2006 - 11:08am

My sister-in-law is almost 10 years older than me, but I got pregnant immediately after she had her first baby, so we have grown fairly close. I could ask for her opinions about my baby issues, and I could offer her support as a nursing mom (she exclusively pumps). Well, she got pregnant with her second immediately after Fletcher was born, so our boys are all nine months apart. I'm happy-go-lucky with my little guy, and she is really struggling with her 21 month old and her 3 month old. Her hubby, my husband's brother, works a lot of hours, seven days a week, so she is home alone with the boys all the time. The whole family lives 2-3 hours away. What can I do to help her? She seems so stressed and frustrated. I'm afraid that she can't enjoy her kids at all. Do you have any ideas of how I can make this time a little easier for her?


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Tue, 08-08-2006 - 11:20am

You are so sweet! I certainly sympathize with your SIL. My boys are 21 months apart and my DH worked swing shift when Jesse, the baby, was a newborn. I had just quit my job to stay home fulltime and I was TOTALLY overwelmed. Maybe one day a week you could stop by and spend an hour or so letting Fletcher play with her oldest and snuggle with the baby so she can take a long hot bath or maybe take a walk alone or go get a smoothie somewhere or just paint her toenails. Just a tiny bit of time would be greatly appreciated, I promise. I SO needed someone to do that for me and occassionaly someone would. I was always SOOOOO thankful when I got those breaks. Occassionally, my aunt would come by with muffins and tea and we'd just have girl talk. You are such a good SIL to realize this need! ((HUG))

Your sister in Christ,


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Wed, 08-09-2006 - 10:00am
Great ideas, Robin!

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