I am a lurker with a heavy *m*

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I am a lurker with a heavy *m*
Sun, 09-10-2006 - 3:18pm
question: How does one know if the longing for more children is Gods plan (God place that longing in my heart) OR is just a
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Tue, 09-12-2006 - 12:27pm
In those types of situations I pray for direction to know if the longing is God's will or not. He's faithful in showing us through our spiritual eyes if things are divinely led or self led.....

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Wed, 09-13-2006 - 10:43am

God's will for our lives is to live for Him as much as we possibly can. We do that by being daily in His Word, in prayer and worship, by keeping our minds on things above, and trying as best we can to keep the influence of the world from taking over. We can then be pretty assured that, if our mindset is in align with God's, then the choices and decisions we make are very probably in accordance with God's purpose and plan for our lives.

When your heart desires after God, His desires become your own, and God promises to give you the desires of your heart. If your heart is desiring after more children, if your husband is in agreement, and if it makes sense financially, physically, etc., for you to go ahead with more children, then I would say go for it. If the door seems to be closing on you having more children, then spending time in prayer asking God to clarify the issue would be what you should do. God is not a God of confusion, and if this issue has you confused, I would talk to a counselor, trusted pastor, etc., to seek additional biblical advice.

God bless you as you seek after Him.

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Wed, 09-20-2006 - 5:35pm

I agree with calicat as long as your decision if it won't lead you away from God or isn't morally right then don't do it, but as long as your heart desires it God says that you can have anything you ask for it doesn't always mean that is what is right, and if your trying to become pregnant and you do then thats Gods blssing to you. if you don't just be patient that doesn't mean it's not Gods will just maybe it isn't the right time.


May God bless you and your family