New Pictures of Ryan and Cassi

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New Pictures of Ryan and Cassi
Tue, 05-08-2007 - 8:10am
HI!!! Once again I put new pictures of Ryan and Cassi on their websites. Both are doing good. Ryan is at the lab today he has one more to go (we hope) and is talking he still likes to say WOMAN and now he pants like a dog and now he has found a new "toy". Cassi is doing good and loves to sing Jesus Loves Me its cute and now she dances to Dancing With The Stars kicking her legs too. Both are getting big and I will be glad when we move its on the FIRST floor!! I did get a good work out everyday.
Here is the link
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Tue, 05-08-2007 - 10:11am

They are growing so much! I absolutely love the picture of Ryan napping. I have some of my boys when they were small napping. Their innosense just shines. And how about Cassie riding Flicka with that hot hat!lol She's a baby doll! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to seeing your updates each time.



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Tue, 05-08-2007 - 12:32pm
They're growing by leaps and bounds!

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Wed, 05-09-2007 - 10:45am

Sweet Babes!!!

Your kiddo's are so cute!! I love the one with Cassie with the Tupper pitcher on her head! LOL!! That is so like something my kids did when they were little! Matt walked around with bowls on his head all the time! They were his "helmets" lol!!

Thanks Katie!

"I know my plans for you"declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you,

"I know my plans for you"declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you,  and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11