bil #2 at it yet again...(novel)

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bil #2 at it yet again...(novel)
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 5:24pm
BIL #2 seems to make it a point to do things with his brothers and intentionally leave out DH (there's 4 brothers total). Recently, he planned a night out with the brothers and didn't even mention it to DH. I found out about it from SIL #2 when she invited me & SIL #1 over to their house that night ("since ALL the guys are going out" that nite). And of course, when DH found out, he was hurt. Things like that have happened over and over. We went on a camping trip with BIL & SIL #1 and two other couples a few weeks ago, and the #2's didn't go. I believe that is the ONLY time we've ever done anything as a family without the #2's.

Well, SIL #1 called last thursday to see if we'd babysit our 2 nephews (whom I absolutely love and adore and would do anything for) while she and BIL #1 went to a baseball game on friday nite, so of course I said yes, but i told her it would be kind of late because DH doesn't get home till 6 and it takes an hour to get their house. So friday rolls around. I called SIL #1 from school to let her know I was running a little behind, but we'd be there as soon as we could. She then told me she had just found out that BIL #2 had bought the tickets and arranged their evening out. So we were going to babysit our nephews while the 'brothers and their wives' were going out to a game.....hmmmm.... i knew DH would be upset, so i decided he wouldn't find out from me.

DH finally got home around 6, and called BIL #1 to let them know we were leaving. BIL #1 was mad because we HADN'T LEFT YET (?!?) and he didn't want BIL #2 to think they had stood him up (game was starting at 7). DH had a stunned look on his face when he found out about BIL #2 arranging yet another night out without including him. THEN BIL #1 asked, 'so are you mad at BIL #2 or what? is that why you're taking your time??' I wish I had heard #1 say that to DH. I can think of a few choice words I would have liked to hurl his way. So against my better judgment, we hop on the freeway for the hour-long drive out to their house. we got there around 7 (game was starting), and BIL #1 leaves in a big huff (EXCUSE ME?!?). By the way, the stadium is FIVE minutes from our apartment, meaning it took BIL and SIL #1 an hour to drive BACK to where we came from (who planned this crap??) to go to the stupid game. Fifteen minutes after they left, BIL #2 calls. At this point I didn't know if he knew we were babysitting for the #1's so that they could all go hang out at the baseball game. I answered.

Is #1 there?


Uh, when did they leave?

About 15 minutes ago.



Well, I was just wondering when they were going to get here...


so, anyway, uh, bye


I was upset at him, not because #2 has been a constant sore spot in my neck, but because he hurt DH's feelings yet again.

And HERE'S the funny part!

SIL #1's sil (her bro's wife) was coming to pick up one of my nephews at 8:30! And we went out there to babysit why?

Thanks for the vent. I'm feeling much better now.
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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 6:27pm
well that's pretty crappy. Don't know what to tell you other than I feel for you and your husband. I doubt that anything will change how they are.
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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 6:41pm
I feel for you and your H. IL's #1 aren't too swift (no offense meant), why didn't the IL's #1 just take their kids to your place to begin with? Especially since you live 5 min from the stadium?! Even when plans change, they would be smart to include you in to let you know. They don't know common courtsey. They ask you to babysit, it takes you an hour to get there, then someone else goes to pick up the kids. Your H and you are way to sweet and both BIL's need a kick in the butt for taking advantage of you, and how they conveniently leave you out.