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Wed, 08-06-2014 - 1:23pm

My title is showing up as community leader but I had asked to be removed a long while back.  I haven't been on much but I do still read alot about the problems with inlaws.  It's my lunch time soap opera and now it is more of a habit than anything.  It has been quite a while since I've even offered advice and any of you that remember me know that this is hard for me to NOT do LOL.

While I was never able to resolve the issues with my MIL with a friendly outcome - I will say now that the outcome was a positive one.  It's been about two years since I finally got everything off my chest and spoke up to everyone.  Yes, I'm out of the will (LOL - as if I ever were in) but the outcome has been very positive.  It has allowed me to let go of the anger and hurt.  It has strengthened my relationship with my DH of now 25 years.  And here is the best part - you know all those wasted moments of replaying all the hurt and mean things that you felt were done to you and wondering why and what to do to stop them and to fix them and all the arguements with DH because they were stuck also and no one knew what to do....

They are gone.  I remember wondering when I would stop thinking about these people and letting them consume my life and the truth is - NOW.  The last year and a half has been very peaceful - the first 6 months after the confrontation not so much.  And, MIL still tries to do things - I think she'll only stop with her last breath.

But, I can count days and days at a time when I just don't think about them.  

It can happen :)

I will try to reply more and give my own opinions as time goes by.  It always helps to talk to strangers about this situation (what was and what is).  I don't know why but it is very therapeutic.