Good news for a change

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Good news for a change
Thu, 10-17-2013 - 3:53am

My DH FOO has a cabin out in the Eastern OR, very rustic setting, no running water {we have to use a hand pump for water & bring drinking water}, heat the cabin with 2 wood burning stoves & use a outhouse, lights are propane & battery lanterns. It's not big enough for everyone anymore. And the building that dh & I normally sleep in fall down. Last fall we stayed in a little trailer like cabin. Really nice & cute. i got it in my head that we should build a second cabin on the property. We would need to install a septic system & drill a well, plus build a new road leading up to our cabin. We have been sketching what we want  in our cabin. I've been doing all of the research on it. 

MIL is still alive & kicking at 81, she has left the cabin & property jointly to dh & BIL. DH's BD was a week ago, we got MIL to come down to us to go out for his birthday dinner. DH was hemming around, so I just came out & proposed to her what we want to do. She listen to our ideals & has given us the green light. How about that? I know BIIL will want to use it {which we have agreed not to let him! he has the old cabin} we will be going up to MIL's Saturday, BIL is coming up. 

We hope to break ground next spring

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