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Honest Opinions only
Wed, 03-06-2013 - 8:41am

We visit my in-laws EVERY holiday and they live about 10 hours away. With that said. I was wondering what you think. When we visit my mother in law who is in generally good health except for some arthritis and some not too serious knee problems, there is NEVER any food for us and especially for me as I am a vegetarian. She does attempt to make some boiled veggies about a cup full for 5 or 6 people and the same amount of mashed potatoes... and then proceeds to order pizza and then cuts each slice in half or simply makes a soup bowl full of salad and that's dinner. This, after a 10 hour drive. As for the holdiday meal. Her idea of having the family over is serving up some pre-ordered Kentucky Fried or some Chinese food as she does not care for cooking, nor has any desire to learn. When we confront her with the idea of ordering from a restaurant, she suggests that it may be too pricey (she is not poor, not wealthy, but not poor by any means, money in the bank, in her checking and often wins her fair share of $1,000 prizes at Bingo, probably every few weeks)....so, it's not like she can't splurge a few times a year. When we remind her that her grandchildren are not partial and will not eat Kentucky Fried or Chinese, her attitude is well, you can't please the kids all the time, and my brother and sister in laws simply go along and feed their kids before heading over to grandmas, where they simply sit in the living room and socialize amongst themselves.

She (my mother in law) is uncomfortable with the whole idea of shopping for a party. She says (and she's been married for 50 years) that she doesn't know what to get and doesn't have the patience to go with anyone to show her, yet she'll have her hair done before people come over because she doesn't want to look undone. However, even when she orders Chinese or Kentucky Fried, she serves it right out of the tin or bucket, she doesn't even own a platter or any serving utensils. He attitude is "it's just family, why should I go out of my way, they know that I'm a fairly simple woman), yet she REALLY enjoys it when one of us throws a party and has lots to choose from. In recent years she has given in to DH and I and agreed to order "real food" but instead call upon my sister in laws to either cook something for her, each gets a list of what to make (as if they don't have enough on their own plate) or asks them to pick up something pre-ordered for her. So, from the appetizers to the main course and wine, the sister in laws pay for and buy it all, she only provides the house and the oven to warm it in. I told DH that it's HER responsibility not there's and that she's just as capable of ordering as they are. So, we have since taken her to Costco and now we are helping out by picking up some preseasoned Easter items, meats and fish so all she has to do is provide the oven....but we are making her pitch in on the cost. Anyway, while she has "somewhat reluctantly" agreed she continued to press DH, insisiting that she doesn't understand the need for such a "fancy" meal....we are getting potroast and oven-roasted potaotes. She suggests that Chinese food should be good enough, why go through all the trouble since before OUR marriage (now almost 10 years) nobody seemed to have a problem with this, for EVERY holiday at her house.

I think her approach is FINE for a birthday of weekend get together or bbq but not so much for Thanksgiving, Christmas, 50th Anniversary, Easter, and such events. In fact, I see it as rather tacky. My husband, who doesn agree with me for the most part, also sides with his mother and her philosophy suggesting that there is no need to dress for special occassions, sweat pants and a sweater are fine and that there is little need for so much effort on decor, food and presentation...after all we are all family and we are there for the company and not the presentation of the home or food.

Any thoughts. How would you characterize this woman? Is she hopeless or should we keep trying and encouraging?


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Tue, 03-12-2013 - 11:56am

I have a question - when she started going on vacations and eating in nice restaurants or nicer than Wendy's - who paid?  

I have to agree that on one hand it does seem like you are expecting someone who is who she is to change to meet your standards.  You see - we as dil's hate and I mean hate it when we are not respected and liked or loved for who we are.  We get really, realy upset because we do things differently than our mil's and they judge us for it.....do you see where I'm going?

You are clearly more interested in hosting nice parties, keeping your home modern/up to date and nice and I will 100% agree with you that in my own opinion - so many people who say they don't care - simply don't care because they are in fact lazy.  I get that aspect of what you are saying.  I go into houses where even younger people live and they complain about not having any money etc. but their houses are a disaster.  They don't work (away from the home) and the point that is made in my brain is that it doesn't take money to organize things - dust, do dishes etc.  I've been able to do really nice things in my own home for very little.  In fact, I love the challenge.  But that's me - and yes again, I view people that don't even try as being lazy.  But, I also try to put myself in their shoes.  One friend whom I was thinking this about - has back issues.  She's younger than me but in very bad shape and so I have to respect that maybe she just doesn't feel like it. And, your mil who is older - maybe just has gotten to a point in her life where all that isn't important.  Or, maybe it never was.  

Remember, she has EVERY right to be who she is and I would hope that you could put yourself in her shoes and imagine if the tables where turned and she was on the DIL site talking about how her DIL doesn't cook or clean or host very well and dresses like a slob...

You sound like a very nice person so I don't want to come across as being harsh - I think your heart is in the right place.  One thing I would advise - on my one question to you - if you are the ones picking up the bill for these vacations and dining experiences then stop.  You should only do something that you want to do and that makes you feel good.  If you do something for them and it begins to feel like you resent them because of it then stop.  

I also had to laugh about the figurines and the nativity scene - just to make you laugh, I have a beautiful set that a wonderful friend gave me and several of the animals are missing pieces of their legs.  Oh well, I hide it with the hay and decor I put down first.  I guess it would be hard for your mil to turn these headless people upside down and hide them - LOL but for fun, you should look on ebay and see if you could find replacements.

Other than that, I would honestly tell you that the fact that you seem to have nice inlaws that must like you (I'm guessing because I haven't heard other negativity) and that like to be together as a family with you - just enjoy it!  If my inlaws had treated my kids well and treated me well and even if on a nickle did nice things/gestures towards our family, I would have really loved that I had them in my life.  Sometimes a KFC meal with some laughs and even some behind the scenes rolling of the eyes as you witness your MIL's idosyncrasies can be really good times that you'll look back on and laugh about!

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Sat, 03-16-2013 - 7:44pm
I totally agree, Sadie.
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Fri, 03-22-2013 - 2:46pm

Hi gal,

Yea, along with the others I would have to say that although I can understand you scratching your head about a few things, she is who she is.  

Don't like it, don't go.  Adjust accordingly with NO expectations from MIL.  Talk to DH about not going every holiday.  Where is your family???

After reading your second post, she does had the typical addict behavior (bingo, wine, cigarettes).  Looking good is important to her.  Hostessing, not so much.  

One of the other posters made a good point.  Put yourself as the MIL complaining about the DIL.  Would you be insulted that your DIL thinks she is better than you?  That she puts fancy clothes and food as a higher priority then spending time with family?  

Don't get me wrong, I totally understand what you are saying.  Just offering perspective.  There can be a fine line between being helpful, and offensive.  Think of Marie on Everyone Loves Raymond.  You don't want to be the Marie making Deborah feel less than or not good enough,  KWIM?  

Good luck and I hope the posts here were helpful.

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