Jumping the broom movie.

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Jumping the broom movie.
Fri, 08-12-2011 - 1:00pm

I rented Jumping the broom the other night. It is a very good movie

One thing it brought out that people do things to others that are hurtfull and they never think a second about it. Don't even realize they are hurting someone. The bride was a little self centered because she was allowed to be by her parents.

The groom was so ashamed of his mom and all his family because they didn't have the where with that the brides family "had"

I truely felt for the grooms mother I have

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Fri, 08-12-2011 - 2:21pm
I put it on my Netflix queue. Thanks! And I'm sorry for how your son and his wife have hurt you.


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Mon, 08-15-2011 - 1:15pm

Can't wait to watch this!!

I will admit that when I was younger - I was embarrassed by my family.