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Hi, I need much needed advice please!

my partners sister is non stop!

my partner and I have been together 3 years, and over that 3 years my SIL, who is 18, I'm 30, my partner is 23, has been on my partners back if he doesn't do something she thinks is right.

example, texts him nasty messages about him loving my family more than his!? That she can't remember the last time he spent Christmas with them, if he doesn't take his mothers birthday card straight down to his mum, she's texting him having a go.

god, there's so much I can't remember half of it!

so me and my partner was on a break, of course I was heartbroken and wrote a couple of status on facebook, nothing nasty about my partner, or to make him look bad....she's now flipping out, calling me everything! saying she's done with me and only now wants to see my partner and our baby together, leaving out my son, that I had with someone else. Which is totally unfair! She's spitting my child because she isn't pleased with me!

im so down about it, my partner is equally down as he feels torn! Which I can understand, but god! She can't keep doing this! Finally today, I stuck up for myself and told her to but out of my business and relationship. She said she won't as it's her brother! 

Its causing me and my partner to have little tiffs! What can I do? 

When we got engaged, she got the hump cause my partner didn't tell her before proposing to me!

Shes es even been saying that she wishes he moved back in with them, her other brothers too!

I cant  let her pick and choose which child she wants to see and which one she doesn't! How unfair is that!

rant over! 

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My short answer is that your R is none of her business.  Your SO also needs to know that.  

Hide her posts or block her on FB so you don't see her posts.  Although there is no excuse for her posting these things on FB, you will need to buck it up and accept the marturity difference between the two of you, ignore it and work on R with your SO.  If things don't work out it needs to be between you and him and no one else.  

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply, I've blocked her on facebook. She's just not having any of it. God, all I did was write a couple of status' about being hurt! You'd swear I'd cheated or something!

as for spitting one of my children, unacceptable! 

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I have had the same problem with my in laws only it is with all of them! They think i want to spend too much time with my family. When christmas eve/day new years, easter and memorial weekend were all spent with them. I have found not to dwell on it too much and tell them if they want to join our plans then fine...and if not thats even better. I have found that if I ignore their snide remarks and BS that comes out of their mouths I have less worry. I would tell her if she thinks she can make better wife for him then she should marry him! (which I hope she wouldn't lol) It is none of her business anyway what you to do. Hope your SO thinks the way  you do.