Need punching advices for Sister in Law

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Need punching advices for Sister in Law
Fri, 07-20-2012 - 4:58am

I live in a joint family with MIL , Brother in laws ( their families ) and an unmarried sister in law (37yrs). Everything is going real great and smooth untill my Sister in law throws some venom out of her mouth. She always pass comments infront of me while im in kitchen or when is talking to  my 6 month old son. Like most of the times she comment on my eating habits, saying that " you eat so much but your body doesnt show. Poor me, I eat a single slice of bread and i get fat". And then one day she asked " did you eat this much at your parents' too". She keeps commenting on my dressing, telling me im wearing out of fashion clothes. Then she keeps talking about my kid's clothes telling me not to buy him good brands because they are expensive and blah blah. Then she would say " Ahh, Sonia's brother's wife has learnt sewing clothes. she feeds her kids with only homemade food. Sonia SIL does this, does that" and then she goes" Ahhh I wish my brother had such a beautiful wife" ( Please note: I am far pretty than herself)

This is not it. I asked her about an air tight jar that where it might be as i couldnt find it in the kitchen cabinets. Her answer was " I didnt put in my dowry and i will not take it to my husbands home after marriage. So I dont know nothing about it". I mean this is one simple thing i asked and that was her reply.

I dont know, I do my best to be friendly to her. Not to hurt her. But she keep on spitting poison out of her mouth all the time and pretend that she didnt hurt me. She does that to other brothers' wives too. But they do not have this much frankness with her so they can easily avoid her. But, I! I am married only for 1 and half year. I am trying to win their hearts by my polite and kind nature. Sometimes i feel that i will break all the ropes and get out of control. But I dnt want that too. I want to reply her politely and with a BIG PUNCH in the words. 

Please give me some advice, what and how should i handle this. Telling husband doesnt work. :/