Storage Fees Question

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Storage Fees Question
Thu, 09-12-2013 - 10:08pm

My daughter is in the process of a divorce.  Long story, but there is a large piece of manufacturing equipment currently stored in our garage that stb ex-SIL will be getting as part of the divorce settlement.  He says he has no place to put this piece of equipment and doesn't know how to use it, so he plans to sell it and pocket the money.  In the meantime, he simply assumes he can continue to store it on our property.   Daughter DOES know how to use it and would like to keep it and create a business using it which would help support the grandkids. 

We have treated him like a son for a very long time, but once the divorce started, he turned against us completely and has done and said everything he could think of to cause trouble for us.  We have merely sat back and let him rave, hoping to not create more drama for our daughter and grandchildren. 

Once the divorce is finalized, I am going to start charging him storage.  I'm thinking about $75 per month because that's what it would cost him to rent a storage unit elsewhere.   It will be difficult for him to sell this equipment because of it's price and the current economy, and it could be sitting on our property for a very long time!  It's EXTREMELY heavy, so it isn't like anybody could just pick it up and move it to an out of the way area of the garage. 

I thought that as soon as the divorce is finalized,  I would send him a contract outlining the storage fees and giving him a certain number of days to either pay the fees or to move it elsewhere.  I'll add to the contract that his not responding to the contract will indicate he accepted the terms.  And, of course, I'll send it registered mail, return receipt so he can't say he didn't get the contract.  And, if he doesn't pay the fee, I'll put a lein on the equipment so he has to pay us before selling it.    Opinions???

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Fri, 09-13-2013 - 1:29pm

That kind of stuff may already be in their divorce decree.  When I got divorced, my xH had until a certain date to get all of his stuff out of the garage.  Technically, I could have kept it after that and did what I pleased.  I didn't enforce the date, but I could have. 

So, find out that information first before doing anything else.   If your DD wants it, after the D is final can she offer to buy it from him?  Not uncommon for that to happen. 

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