What headlines from 2012 grabbed your attention?

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What headlines from 2012 grabbed your attention?
Wed, 11-28-2012 - 3:50pm

So many topics made big headlines in 2012 -- We would like to know what topics sparked conversations between you and your friends or family! This is for a TODAY segment with Kelly Wallace that is scheduled to air December 12th, so we'd really appreciate your input in this survey!


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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 11:31am

Here in Sweden for us it was   wolf in southern of Sweden, they tought it was one and did kill it,  but it has been showned to be more and  there used to be wolf here 150 years ago but  humans killed  them all. 

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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 3:57pm

Maybe the wolves are making a come back?

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Here in the Southern part of the US we have a very serious coyote problem (and I don't mean the beautiful girls that dance on bar tops and serve drinks - LOL).

It is very scary as we live on property and late at night it sounds like a Halloween movie.  I hope they aren't taking over.

To me the two headlines that disgusted me was the one where the homeless man was attached and had his flesh eaten in Florida and the other the gun shooting at the movie theater in Colorado.

I hope 2013 is better!

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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 2:27pm

all the violence,

every day all day everywhere

its unbelievable as to what happened to the people living in society