My MIL and BIL are crazy

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My MIL and BIL are crazy
Wed, 03-13-2013 - 6:53pm

Need to VENT***

So last night we were at my SIL house hanging out and we got into deep convo about a lot of things, then when MIL was brought up, both myself DH and SIL agree that my MIL is flip floppy and a lot of things she do are just not appropriate. Well while venting to eachother  my other BIL got into his feelings and became in a rage saying we are all disrespectful. I'm getting married in less than 2months to DH (this is all his family not mine btw) and basically if MIL does not show up we are washing our hands with her,

***BG-on MIL she lives in a not so good environment basically all her life. Her children are last never 1st!  and every time we try to help she makes excuses of why she needs to stay, she wasn't present for any of her kids most important days grandchild birth-graduation-etc etc and broken promises etc, full of drama*drama drama drama (thankfully she is another state) but that does not stop her from calling 2am with nonsense about her depressing life *thankfully DH has learned not to answer*

FWD- so BIL is taking up for her. He is young only 18 so a lot of things we know and seen he as not. he does not fully understand where we are coming from because of course we didn't realize it either until we became more of adult and got tired of her antics and our eyes started to open and now we know anyways tension happened words was thrown next thing I know BIL chest buff up, gets into DH face and well next thing we know a fight breaks out something not in a million years i would think would happen we are all SO CLOSE, my BIL has a mouth on him and is very cocky we are used to.

BIL threw a cheep shot at DH!!! And well from then all hell broke loose through the kitchen then living room then outside in the lot. Mind you this is at my SIL house and her kid is upstairs sleep!!! Everything happend so fast myself and my SIL trying to pry them off eachother (SIL now a fractured hand) I have a bruise on my foot from someone stepping on me while trying to break up the fight

...pushed DH in the house...locked BIL out the house and told him to call a friend to pick him up to get home.......

An Hour later...he is knocking on the door (we don't open) demanding for us to take him home because he dont have a ride and we are the ones who picked him up (lives 20min away) Next thing i know...MIL calls DH phone (mind you she is in another STATE) SIL has no car, DH car in the shop, so that leave ME she ask if I can take him home since we picked him up. (deep breath)

I said "mom no disrespect but that is NOT going to happen he is disrespectful and has to learn the hard way i am not taking him home i cant believe you would ask me that after all that just happened." (she then catch attitude saying its our fault he is there and god forbid something happens to him blah blah i don't know i wasn't listen to the rest) "Mom again no disrespect NO I'm not taking him home he was violent and disrespectful in SIL house and put hands on DH" She then says "You said no?!!?" so I said "NO I am NOT" (she hangs up on me)

I go to bed its now 2am. SIL called her friend and went to the hospital and had her friend give BIL a ride home (i dont know why)

TODAY- i was on the phone with DH during my break I hear my MIL on speaker phone in the BG talking to SIL about how I'm wrong and how i don't care about the family etc etc...yes at the end of the day that's family etc but family needs to learn the HARD cant act like a crazy person throwing a fit and throwing your hands who does this...and then expect me to take you home!??! I cant help but just laugh at the whole thing because I have never experienced something like this before or even seen this side of the family character. You gave my DH a black eye and you want a ride and MIL is mad at ME because i refused. (yes we are technically by law not yet married however been together for 10years so I'm not going anywhere) BIL definitely not coming to the wedding obviously.

I already know next time we talk i will burn the phone with the heat coming out my ears. I want nothing NOTHING to do with BIL or MIL anymore who acts like this REALLY...

This is all too much for me-WAY too much