Parentless Parents: What's The Impact of the Grandparent Gap?

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Parentless Parents: What's The Impact of the Grandparent Gap?
Fri, 07-22-2011 - 1:26pm

I thought this was an interesting read and wanted to share.


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We've all been raised with differing amounts of grandparent time but I think for the most part we're all okay.

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Sounds like I should read it. I grew up with just my maternial grandmother (horrible woman) my dads parents died in the 40's, grandfather in POW camp & grandmother of breast cancer. So I knew them only from the stories of our dad & his 10 siblings. My maternial grandfather rejected my mom, so we never knew him. But in 2005 I found 2 uncles still alive & a whole bunch of cousins.

I have the only grandchildren in my family. My 2 oldest dd's knew my dad (he died in '86) my youngest was only 7 months old when we lost him. And of course all 3 of them loved my mom (who we lost in '96) so..........that left my xils. MIL didn't like me or my 3 dd's & FIL lived out of state w/3 girlfriends. So he wasn't much of a grandfather.

X & I have 3 grandkids (gs 7, gd's 6 & 3) both our oldest 2 sil's have lost their parents. So the x & I are all grandparents the gkids have. I'm not allowed to see the gs & youngest gd (their mom has always been "daddy's girl) x doesn't treat the 2 gd's as well as he does gs. But I have to make up for it. Yes I spoil the girls rotten
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Good Question - I've given this more thought in recent months since my father died about 8 years ago and my mom died just this past October.