SIL from Hell

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SIL from Hell
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When I first met my husband's sister I thought she was nice. Over the last four yrs that quietness has morphed into raging bitch and I never saw it coming. It started with my daughter (from a previous relationship). We both have girls 2 yrs apart. My husband is very involved with DD and always took her over for playdates. Now I will say at the time my niece had a very short temper. While her parents never want to do anything with her (other than throw her off on my MIL) she never played with other kids and got away with everything. She would yell at DD, snatch things from her, smack at her over toys. I tried to brush it off at first knowing she needed to be able to adjust to playing with others and her parents will certainly never say anything. That was until DD got tired off it and smacked

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Oh WOW, sounds like my xsil. Our 2 oldest dd's are 2 yrs apart & her second dd is 9 months younger then my oldest.. Her dd's tore up my dd's toys & sil acted like it was no big deal. But let a toy get broken at her house & all heck broke loose. It came to a head when xmil took the oldest 5 gdd's ( oldest bil 2 dd's (sil I was having problem with wife) sil (dh's sister) oldest dd & our 2 oldest (#3 was just 7 or 8 months old) oldest dn told mil that my middle dd had stole her butterfly ring, mil made my dd give it too cousin. As mil was dropping off gdd's she dropped off bil's 1st then mine. Well sil just had to call me & tell me dd #2 was a thief. And how dare I allow that kind of behavor. Well I had had it with sil bad mouthing my girls & I let her know about all of the crap her 2 girls had done to my girls & that her poop stinks just like everyone elses & that her dd's nor her were welcome at my house anymore. I was totally & completely ticked off. When mil dropped my 2 off, I let her know that would be the last time I was allowing her to take my girls with the cousins. Dd #2 told me the ring was 1 my sister had given her, I called my sister to make sure & was told yes she had given dd a ring. About 3 or 4 days later sil shows up at my house, wants to talk & return the ring. I took the ring & shut my door in her face (I'm a Taursa I don't just get mad, I stay mad for long times) it took me well over 7 or 8 months to get over being mad at her. From that point forward I limited my dd's time with hers.

I think you need to really think about if you want to put up with sil bs & damage she could do to your dd.
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All I can say is you can't control what she does, just your reaction to it. So she out-does you on a party. Take a deep breath and realize that your dd will be fine if her cousin's party was nicer. And her mom probably spent more (which is not necessary given that she is a kid). The sooner you take yoruself out of the competition, the happier you will be. You cna't control that she is competiting with you. You CAN control if you are in the game. So take your ball and go home, so to speak.

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