Healthy Food Swaps: Eat This Cheese and Shed Pounds

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Healthy Food Swaps: Eat This Cheese and Shed Pounds
Wed, 01-16-2013 - 2:37pm

Eat healthy in a completely new way: Instead of cutting foods out, try adding new ones to your diet. Boost the nutritional value of your favorite recipes without sacrificing flavor by swapping some of your usual ingredients for these superfoods.

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I do love cheese and eat it every day if we have it at home.

I have never tried Quinoa, any one have any info on it?

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I've tried quinoa but didn't care for it. I'll stick to brown rice.  But there were some pretty good ideas there. I like the grains instead of pasta in soups idea, as well as using stronger tasting cheeses. And I already substitute applesauce for oil in a (very excellent) carrot cake I make. I plan to use ground oatmeal in my next meatloaf, too!

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Let's see, there were some good ideas there.

I do like cheese and being in Europe we do eat plenty of it.  I stick to just a slice of camembert or brie at breakfast.

I like th eidea of adding applesauce to muffins, never tried it but maybe I will,.   I am thinking that it would have to be unsweetened if one adds additional sugar also.

I love avocado and I personally love it on a sandwhich.  I'm not a mayo user , will use sweet mustard , but avocado is my first choice.

Quinoa,,,, well I have tried it,, but I just like basmatic or jasmine rice better.  I do eat lentils though and lentil soup is one of my favs. 

Got get going,,, thanks for the link  I'm floating it to the top now as it was lost in the black hole of threads.... (down on 3rd page...  )