SB Healthy Me: July 30 - August 5

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SB Healthy Me: July 30 - August 5
Sun, 07-29-2012 - 6:50am

SB HEALTHY ME: July 30th - Aug 05th

Please share the things you did to work towards a *healthier* and therefore *happier* you!

Exercise: Any exercise whether it was walking, housework, going to the gym, gardening! All activity counts.

Healthy diet choices: You made, or didn't make!

Water: Did you drink enough?

Diet Plan if applicable: For those going to TOPS, Weight Watchers or similar we would really like to know how you are going.

Smiles and Hugs: Give and Get?


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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 10:09am
wildflower05 wrote:
hisstorm77 wrote:
twig04 wrote:
Hi Gail, I use the "to all" more often lately too,, there are just soooo many hrs in the day.... LOL Glad to hear you have a bit of time off from your busy schedule... take advantage of it and don't overdo. ;O)

How is it going with the chiropractor, does it seems to help? (hoping so)

Am definetly looking forward to some time off, but was reminded today, that won't quite get the time off I was thinking I would.  Dh has an appointment Mon for a colonoscopy which means some drive time and time sort of relaxing in a waiting room instead of being at home.


Thanks, Suzan!  The chiropractor visits do seem to be helping.

Hope the chiropractor does help.  It really helped me when I went.  I begged my kids to go to chiropractic school so I could get free adjustments but not even one of them did. lol   Wish one of them could cut hair too!

Thanks Karyn!  Why is it kids never listen to their parents?! lol


Think it is helping, will know more so as I continue with my adjustments.