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Wed, 12-12-2012 - 10:24am

pretty cool date! just another Weds to me. Got up & did some errands. Now I have to get ready for work....both jobs...sigh...

It took me 3 times around the sign in merry-go-round to get signed in to reply & start this thread...UGH ! I get a red " you are not authorized to post" message

that's my WHIIIINEs for today

WAHOOOO....looked at GORGEOUS home yesterday- my what views and the river going htrough the backyard.There is a certification for NO FLOODING !!! We have a couple more to look at. One is an adorable cape on 6 acres- wide open with a gorgeous view!

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Wed, 12-12-2012 - 11:08am

My constant whine - the mess this site is and feeling like it will never improve.  Also, my dvd player died. Or went hippie on me, lol. Suddenly, everything was in psychedelic colors! Far out, but hard to watch like that, lol.
I haven't even started my holiday baking.

Woo hoos: I'm getting two new recliners today. Given my hesitance to change things, this is almost a whine, lol, but I keep telling myself they'll be nice and much better than the old ones.
Also, I'm probably going to be getting a new dvd player. Probably will upgrade to a blu-ray player. I am ambivalent about that, too. I do want one - I need one - but I worry it will be harder to use than the one I had and I just don't feel like fighting with a series of remotes and what-not and trying to follow Tom's technical instructions (which I know sound simple to him, but like Greek to me).  But I'm borrowing trouble! All will be fine. I'll love my new chairs and, eventually, my new dvd player!
Also, I'll be seeing my dd and dgd this weekend. That's always nice.  And Christmas is coming!

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