Fall Movies: see anything good?

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Fall Movies: see anything good?
Sat, 10-22-2011 - 1:05pm

I liked quite a few of these, will be excited

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Sun, 10-23-2011 - 12:32am

Lots and lots of really good sounding flicks!! I will have most of them on my Netflix list!!

Of course I'll see anything with the totally yummy J. Depp in it!!

I'll also see anything with DiCaprio in it as he is one of the finest actors of our time.

Breaking Dawn is a must see for me!!

Lots more, too many to mention!!

Thanks Suzan, glad you posted the list!


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Sun, 10-23-2011 - 11:09am

I want to see Puss in Boots, too. I love the voice of Antonio Banderas and that character of PiB.

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Sun, 10-23-2011 - 1:56pm
OH my, did I forget to mention the JD movie, i'll definitely be seeing that one too.