Friday & Weekend Plans: Feb 8-10

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Friday & Weekend Plans: Feb 8-10
Fri, 02-08-2013 - 3:28am

Good morning all,

Just finished my "meager" breakfast, all dressed and am set for the day.  It  snowed again last night, streets are cleared so driving is OK.  I don't have any "fun" plans for the weekend.  I might go over to Donna's, as I know she'll have something exciting to join in ;O)

Today at some point I'll haul myself over to the training center. Ds arrived early this morning to help dh go pick up a new mattress we bought. He looked so "chic".  Love when he gets dressed up.  New grey dress slacks, black shiny shoes, grey cashmere v-neck pullover, a lavender/beige cotton scarf (big scarves  (for indoors) for guys are in trend here and he loves the look), and the fun point of the outfit was:  he had on bright purple socks.  He also has a sharp haircut, buzzed out on the sides, longer top (with gel), a modern semi marine look.  Real Armani model.  (I'm his mom so I can say that LOL)

Anyway, packing this weekend (for dh/ds week long trip next week). Alone time again for me.  

That's all I have planned, in other words nilch LOL


What are you up to?


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Sat, 02-09-2013 - 8:12pm

Hope you had a nice weekend Teri !

Well, my weekend plans got changed. No Hartford for Pampered Chef due to the storm so I have been home!.They got hit hard down there. We got about 24 inches or more of fluffy snow.It was an easy cleanup. The bummer, Wayne ended up closing at the store.Our schedues keep gettng changed nd so not much together time...sigh.I was hoping for a snowsoe afternoon!

My BIIIG BUMMER news. The house we have been looking at has a sales contract by another buuyer. BOOO....HISSS. It is a disappointment but there will be other houses to look at. And it's not like we have to move.At least now we can relax a bit as it it is no big hurry to put the house on the market.

This website is acting up again.I'm signing off now before my puter freezes