Friday & Weekend Plans

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Friday & Weekend Plans
Fri, 12-21-2012 - 1:10pm

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are ready for XMAS if celebrating.   
I'll be in & out during the weekend
and hope to see you here too.
 I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas ahead of time
as many are probably travelling. 
Have a safe trip to and from your destination and have FUN ;O)
Oh of course:  be good as Santa is watching ;O)


For me:
Friday is finished for me,,, went to the neurologist, she ran a series of tests and I will need to have an MRI on the neck again.  I should not be having the problems I'm having so needs to be checked out to see if there is anything new lurking around in there.   Until then rest and relax and not lift stuff. Afterwards I finished putting the lights on my tree (looks pretty) and am slowly hanging the ornaments (will do most of it on Saturday.) 

 Saturday:  finish the tree, maybe make some cookie dough (chocolate crinkles and thumbprint cookies) and not much else.  Alll shopping is done. 

Sunday: go out for brunch perhaps (not sure) ,, finish wrapping presents, bake the cookies.  

Will try to make soup and some other things for ds/dil who are both down with nasty colds.  Ds has been out of work for a week now and has passed it on to dil.  Hoping Mikie stays healthy. 

Nothing else planned.     


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Sun, 12-23-2012 - 9:42am
Hi Donna, lots of fun for you this weekend. Nice to go from house to house celebrating : I like that idea. Hope the nails turned out really nice... I bought a beautiful YSL nail polish last week,,,, deep bright purple,, love it.... very classy yet pretty. Goes on like silk LOL Have fun at Chinese,,, I can just imagine how happy John is to go there to eat! ;O) Again, I'd like to congratulate you on your weight loss and better health. I am truly happy that you feel better, walk easier, have less aches and pains and of course can go buy new clothes. My ds is better, dil getting better but can take no meds so that is slower recovery. I'll let you know about the MRI, hoping for the best results, there are no quick fixes in that area right now. But there are other things going on that may also be causing the problem and I'm hoping it's that. Need I say, that last Friday while eating my sandwich, my back crown fell off my tooth. Had to rush it to the dentist... thankfully it was in good condition and he glued it back in place. (Don't need that problem over the holidays). Then while getting my blood test done for the MRI, I was leaving the dr's office and had my hand on the inside door handle and was exiting and some old crabby lady pushed by me, rammed the door open with my finger still in the handle and crack! I have a very swollen and sore right hand, in a pretty light brown bluish shade. Other than this stuff all is going well.. ever the optimist me LOL Got one bowl of cookie batter mixed and will bake them tonight.. finished all the wrapping. Yesterday dh and I took a leisurely walk downtown, it wasn't crowded at all but he held on to me tightly (he's very caring of my condition right now), looked at the window decorations, had tea and danish. Just a kinda leisure few hrs. It's extremely windy here in Munich, we'll not be having a white Christmas which is fine by me... (white Christmas ' are for kids that hope Santa is bringing them a sled )LOL Have a Merry Christmas and be safe in your travels to your family.
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Sun, 12-23-2012 - 11:11pm

Oh, Suzan, I want to put you in a glass cage to protect you!! I know about crowns as most of my teeth are crowned. In my experience, they only fall off right after a very, I mean VERY stressful happening. Like inlaws coming and disrupting your lives perhaps?? Same thing with an abscessed tooth, usually comes after a traumatic happening. Would rather have a crown problem!! Surprised

Oh, no, on that cracked hand!! You probably do have a bone crack!! Darn that crabby lady!! So glad you have a good husband who protects and takes good care of you!! Those of us with physical challenges especially need that type of relationship! We are blessed! Maybe you can get your dh to mix up that cookie dough to give your sore hand a rest.

Good you're not getting a white Christmas for when it snows over there, it really snows!! Christmas day here it's only going to be 24º and down to 9º at night with snow showers!! Good thing we only have a five minute drive to dd2's house and it's only a 10 minute drive for dd1 to get there. DD1's boyfriend is flying in from NY on Cmas Day, though, and I so hope there aren't any airport complications anywhere! Let's all stay warm!! Hope all of you and all of us are well for Christmas!!

Thank you on my weightloss and reaching goal. Right now I'm full of foods!! I'm just enjoying tasting differrent foods this week through Saturday night and then beginning Sunday, I'll have two weeks to undo all the damage before weighing in at TOPS again. Not a problem and I am having fun! Yes, John is very happy getting to take me out to dinner again. He does know that it's all going to come to a screeching halt soon, too, and he's okay with that also. He's such a good guy!

Your deep bright purple nail polish sounds stunning!! I'm not wearing anything quite that dramatic, but I am enjoying my sort of burgundy shimmering winter color. :) Thank you and Merry Christmas to you good friend and your family too!!