Hello ladies!!!!

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Hello ladies!!!!
Wed, 10-31-2012 - 2:02pm

Hello everyone! 

Just wanted to stop by and see how everyone was doing.   I know it has been years since I have been on here but I was just sitting here thinking about you ladies today and decided to drop by and say hi!! 

A little update from me,  I finally graduated with my Bachelors degree in project management,  I am now 4 classes away from my Masters.  I now work for a large chemical plant but will soon be changing careers again.   I am still married to the same woman and our son just celebrated his 7th birthday.  

I have spent the last several years on the road but now I am back home in Tennessee and I hoping beyond all hope I can stay here.

So catch me up on what I have been missing.


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Sat, 11-03-2012 - 12:11am

well...well...if it isn't our old pal & favorite peeping tom ! LOL !! glad to hear life is looking up & going good for you and the family! i'm surprised you found us with all the changes going on.

 life is good here in NH.loving the fall weather. except for the messy rage from Sandy. ..hope that is the end of huge storms for awhile!! My #2 son Jeremy was home on leave for awhile- he has gone back to Guam....2 more years there...sigh.... Hoping #1 son Justin can come for a visit soon...or just move here once & for all !!

 that is my excitement on the year.  I'm not a grammie like the others....we can wait!!

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Sat, 11-03-2012 - 2:03pm
and DANG! We missed you too! Too funny about spanking grandma... LOL Gee, hope your mom found lots of gold while panning,,,, and of course plans to throw some your way ........ wouldn't that be nice.... Well, night time again so plan to put on my other flannels and hunker down to watch a movie.... TTYSoon J Man
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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 9:17am

LOL!!  Yeah it took me some time to find you guys again.  Not so sure I like the new lay out of the boards or not.  I am not receiving notifications anymore when someone replys.   Oh yes the old peeping tom hehe.  Well I can say that I have not changed in that department much lol.  I still like the ladies and still like to be flirtatious lol.

I am glad to hear though that you son got to come home to visit, it is to bad that he had to go back though.  Atleast he is in Guam instead of Iraq or Afghanistan though.  So there is atleast something to be thankful about!

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Tue, 11-06-2012 - 1:27am

J-Man...Good to see you!! Congrats on your degree and nice to be so close to your masters too!! Good for you!! Happy you and your wife are together and your son is a big boy now! I hope you get to stay in TN too!! Families need to be together!

I'm still happily married to my sweet husband of almost 4½ years now. We were both widowed and met on Match.com and it really is a great match!! We enjoy both relaxing at home as we're both retired and out and about town doing something fun a few times every week. We like to travel too. Life is good. We recently spent a week in Branson, MO and you can see a photo of me here if you'd like. It's from when we went ziplining!!


And here's one of both of us with two of the grandkids at Halloween too....


I think it's fun seeing who we're talking to!!
You take good care of yourself and your family now and stop back again soon!!
I expect you're still pantihose obsessed!! LOL


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Tue, 11-06-2012 - 8:46am

Well Mrs. Donna I am glad to hear things are going your way.   Those are great pictures BTW.  I am glad that you and your DH are still happy together and enjoying life, that is what life is suppose to be about. 

Also to answer your last statement, yes I am still pantyhose obsessed lol!