Home from the party

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Home from the party
Sat, 10-08-2011 - 7:05pm

I had a good time, probably spent too much, but what I got, I really think I'll like and I need, so it's okay.

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Sun, 10-09-2011 - 9:51am
Happy to hear you enjoyed yourself. That would have been a shame to miss out on C's party. (not to mention seeing little Riley)

You must be exhausted, at least yesterday, hopefully today you are feeling rested.

Enjoy your "me -presents" , as I know you will ;O)
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Sun, 10-09-2011 - 1:57pm

Taylor and Oli are the same .. just LOVE being half naked.

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Sun, 10-09-2011 - 11:43pm

ANN...Glad you went and had a good time!! Kinda thought you would! ;)

Awww..cute little half naked Riley snuggling under her fuzzy blanket..so sweet!!

Hope you got rested up today!!