LaTTe LaDieS : Dec 3rd

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LaTTe LaDieS : Dec 3rd
Mon, 12-03-2012 - 8:10am

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all have a lovely week.
Let's hear what you're up to..................



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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 11:51am

Thinking about you on Tuesday Ann,
Suzan .. take it easy & enjoy the time with Mikey & Coffee ..

A quiet week here which is good .. not feeling the best ::sigh::

Hope everyone has a great week :)

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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 10:03am

you are very organized lately , cold or not!  Hope that goes away soon, better now than later in the month.... 

I think you made a good choice of wrapping at the basement table.... yes, your back and hip too will thank you.   I'm still amazed at T and all he does... really he got right out there and put up lights and all.....  just thinking you'll be all set by Sunday with the tree up and everything.... that's terrific.

Ann, my thoughts are with you on Tuesday, hoping and praying all is well now.....  (())  Keep us posted pls.

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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 9:32am

I'm still running pretty slow. Still fighting this darn cold. I can't completely shake off this cough! It's better, I think, but still, when I cough, it just about turns me inside out, lol! But things still need to be done, so I manage.

Since it was 50 degrees here yesterday, dh brought what Christmas stuff we have in the attic down and put the lighted garland and wreath outside. I put a few things around the house and will work on doing more throughout the week.

Today I'm doing laundry, as usual, and have a roast in the crock pot, so dinner is pretty much set. Since the presents are hiding in the basement (so C and R wouldn't see them when they were here), I'll drag the box of wrapping stuff down there and start wrapping on the table I cleared off, and break my tradition of wrapping everything on the living room floor! I think my back will thank me, lol.

Tuesday I have to go see the oncologist. Not the radiation oncologist, the other one, lol. I think he'll probably just go over the blood test I had and tell me what, if anything, is next.

Wednesday through Friday I'll work on putting out decor and wrapping gifts, so the house will be done by Saturday, when we plan to put up the tree.

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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 8:23am

today I'm waiting for 2 deliveries (one arrived and I realized dh already has one of the books I bought him so that will be returned ).  The other delivery is for the office and I wish it would arrive as I'm pinned to home until it does.  LOL    Cleaning lady will arrive any minute now, hopefully. 

Tuesday dh and I are taking our new neighbor out to lunch.  I'll let you know how it goes as she is the mother of one of Germany's best actors (comedy) , she seems nice, so it should be different .   I haven't ever watched any of her son's movies and I probably should have over the weekend.  LOL  Anyway...... 

Wed, perhaps Coffee will be here in the afternoon.

Thursday is  free and I have to start thinking about menus for the next 12 days etc and do some real reorganizing to accomodate the inlaws.  They arrive on Sat , and they like to have their 3 full meals every day and a high tea at 5pm.....   (so not looking forward to this).   I'm not sure how often I'll be able to get onliine while they are here so you'll all have to help me out with this board;  I'm sure you understand .

I got just about all my wrapping done which is a huge help, (won't be able to do that while they are visiting)  .  I have a few more things to buy (for my ds and dil, still not  sure what yet).  

Thursday is Nickolas day, so hope to see Mikey and Coffee and give them their Nickolas Sacks.  Mike is getting a little blue and white fleece hat and warm matching mittens and C is getting her favorite thing  :  a goodie!  (she's not picky about her goodies,, just like her grammy LOL)

Ok so off to the couch to start reading my XMAS book.  

Tootles and TTY throughout the week.  ;O)