LATTE Ladies: jan 21st

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LATTE Ladies: jan 21st
Mon, 01-21-2013 - 7:58am

...................and a good Monday morning to you all................

We are pretty well snowed in, most of the flights thru the north and Frankfurt have been cancelled for the 3rd day in a row.....
streets are plowed around us and in the city so getting around is still possible.

Picked up Coffee this morning; she'll be here a couple days or so.
Waiting on the cleaning lady,, just too late, wish I could find someone that could do mornings....
Think I am babysitting on Wednesday late afternoon/evening.
No other plans so far and that's fine with me, just resting & reading. 

Hope you all have a happy week,,, stay healthy


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Tue, 01-22-2013 - 11:36am

Hi all....hoping this post all my others have vaporized into cyber-space !!

It is real cold here too..snowed some last night..not too bad.  Found out thru DD#3 that Cameron is having eye surgery on Thursday !!!!! tried to call & email & PM on FB...Finally my sil answered (via FB, !!)....they don't want me to come to the hosp...(as I always have before)..asked for Cam to call regards to that, at all !!!....SIL told me HE will call & tell us how Cam makes out !!!!! whattttt !!  I am just beyond...mad/sad//annoyed w/DD#2.  Hoping does'nt think  I don't care bout him !!! urghhhhhh !

Rest of the usual shuttle service..Wed have to take BIL to Dyailsis... deal w/ all the attitudes in this house..I am developing one of my own...thankyouverymuch !!!!!  I need to go away...somewher...BY MYSELF !...but don't see that happening soon ! Can't afford to go  to our friends DD wedding in Cancun in March...wanna go by myself !!! (if I could afford it....this place is very expensive, that she picked) !!!

Well enough is everybody else doing here ?? Good I hope ! Stay warm !!!

Let's hope this post appears !!!!!!

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Wed, 01-23-2013 - 12:59am


Wow a wild day on Sunday for Donna,,,, I'm thinking since the gals are wearing boas, then a regular necktie will be too boring... how about an ascot for John?  ;O)

When is J's catarac surgery,,, first I heard of it.....  I've heard it 's not all that bad.. then again I have never had it done....

John would never wear an ascot. A tie will be nice.

Surgery is Feb. 6th. It is an easy surgery, about three days of very blurry and then good after that.