LaTTe LaDies: Nov 19

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LaTTe LaDies: Nov 19
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 5:43am

Morning Everyone,
a new week, a new Latte Ladies Thread

For all those travelling this week, have a safe journey. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating.


My virus was almost gone, but is returning (no surprise).  Other than that, Tuesday we take MIL out to dinner for her birthday, doubt I'll  be eating anything but whatever.  Will say goodbye to them.  Tuesday afternoon I'll pack.  Will be happy to get on the plane Wednesday afternoon and back home. No other plans this week although I plan to bring diva home with me to cuddle with; I'd bring Mikey too but he's still too tiny  LOL 


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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 3:18pm

Monday...My day and week began at the dentist's office!!  Broken back prep..temp crown placed..paid BIG BUCKS..Merry Christmas to me!!! Yell  The rest of the day I'm staying at home mostly relaxing. I've been doing more work getting larger sized clothes out of my closet, so might work on that some more. Geez, didn't know I had so many!! We'll probably watch a movie tonight.

Tuesday...Getting my hair colored and cut and can't hardly wait!! That night is my TOPS meeting.

Wednesday...I'll be baking an apple cobbler or apple crumble dish and making a broccoli salad. Will also figure out what to wear for TDay dinner and what to take to change into afterwards that's more comfy.

Thursday...Driving to Edmond, OK that morning for Thanksgiving with DH's family.

Friday...Coming home from OK. Our pro-soccer game is that night.

Saturday...Might do a little clothes shopping. We'll watch a movie that night.

Sunday...Church and relax!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 9:31am

Sorry to hear the virus has returned Suzan,
Please take it easy & get rid of the darn thing!
Safe travels this week for you my friend :)

Today a bit of cleaning & Tuesday as well.
Tuesday finally get my hair done, YaY!
Wednesday the guys will be home
Thursday is eat all we want day, LOL
Friday out to dinner for oldest ds's bday & then his surprise party!
I would love to get a mani/pedi this week but not sure I will.

Hope everyone has a great week & Happy Thanksgiving to all  :)

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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 9:28am

Aw, bummer about the virus returning! I hate it when that happens! Take it easy, travel safe and give Coffee and Mike a cuddle for me.

My weekend was tiring, but action packed and very fun. Colleen brought Riley here early Saturday morning. We chatted awhile, then she put the car seat in Tom's car (Tom had to work unexpectedly, but I let him take my car so C could put the seat in his) and headed back home. Riley, predictably, cried and cried when Colleen left and it just about broke my heart to hear her so sad. She was ready for a nap anyway, so I settled her in her bed as best I could (she was still inconsolable, poor thing) and she quieted down pretty quickly, talked to herself a bit and then gave in to a nap.

Tom was home when she woke and that helped to ease the sting of Mama still being missing. We had some hot dogs, grapes, yogurt raisins and animal crackers, then proceeded to dump out and play with her toys. She did a puzzle (she is amazingly good at puzzles!) and we packed her into her seat (a project fit for a vaudeville routine, lol) and went to Walmart to get some art supplies. Back at home, Tom made popcorn and she had some with some juice and watched the Badgers - sort of, lol. She decided it was fun to dump popcorn on the floor so she could pick it up (a very neat child, lol) and liked that so much, she did it again. At half-time she settled in at the table and did some painting - on the paper, herself, me and the table. Thankfully it washed off us and the table well. She played, fell down, hurt her hand and needed hugs and kisses. Then she bumped her face on a stroller thing and need hugs and kisses. She didn't eat a lot at dinner just a little ravioli, a little ham, a little fruit cockail and some saltine crackers I was having in my soup. Then it was bathtime and jammie time. She played with Tom as he took pictures of her (interesting shots he got, lol) and looked at the pictures on the computer. She discovered she fit under the futon, so had to go in and out of there a few times. I got her a sippy cup of milk and offered her a fruit strip, and she wolfed that down and had to have another. Then she gathered her fuzzy blanket, stuffed monkey, a musical toy, and a "lovey" (little square of blanket with a lambs head, lol) and sat on futon with me to look at a kittens and puppies book. She started dozing off on futon so I put her in her bed, where she gave a couple wails in token objection then fell quickly asleep.
She slept well all night but was up at 5:30 on Sunday. She expected her mom to be here, and searched the house for her, not crying, just a little sad and confused. We had breakfast and she did some coloring of the newspaper. I had to go for a radiation treatment and when I got back she was sleeping in Tom's arms, having dozed off looking at photos on the laptop (she loves looking at photos). We packed her stuff up, bundled her up and into the car seat (it went smoother this time, lol) and went to Colleen's, where Riley was happy to see her mom and dad and her puppy and kitty. We stayed there for the Packer game and had some lunch, then headed home to pick up the toys and stuff and put the house back into the empty, boring place it was before Riley arrived, lol.

Sorry, I got carried away with my account of my weekend, but it was the high point of a very long stretch of not so good stuff and I like to think of it, lol.

Now, for my upcoming week. Today through Wednesday I have to go in for a treatment. I'll probably do some errands sometime while I'm out. Wednesday I have to make the cake for Thursday. Thanksgiving Day we'll go to Colleen's MIL's for dinner. Colleen and Riley will come back with us and stay through the weekend (yay!). Friday I'm not sure what we'll do. Maybe take Riley somewhere, if we can think of somewhere to go.

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