My first solo!

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My first solo!
Thu, 07-26-2012 - 1:51pm

Tom has the day off today and wanted to do some kayakking on a small lake near town. He couldn't park the ambulance at the launch site, though, so that meant I had to go along and drive the truck home, then drive back later and get him.

I had to drive through town, and was a little nervous about that, but I was more nervous about the road getting to the lake. It is narrow (it seems to me), has no center line and is hilly and twisting, so I can't see what's coming - and they can't see me!  I did okay, though, I think. There wasn't much traffic on the twisty road, so if I was over a bit too far it didn't matter and, although I felt like I was taking up every inch of my lane going through town, I didn't run off the road and no one had to swerve to avoid me, lol.

I still need a LOT of room to back up, though! (had to back out of my driveway)

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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 12:23am

Good job Ann!!

Of course you could do it!! :smileyhappy: