Not getting notified when getting a PM

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Not getting notified when getting a PM
Sat, 12-08-2012 - 2:58pm

If anyone sends me a PM, please let me know on the board for I am no longer getting notifications on the right side of the page under Quick Links that I have a new PM in my mailbox. Thank you. I also do not receive notifications from IV in my private email either of PM's and still don't get subscription notifications in email yet either. So annoying.


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Sat, 12-08-2012 - 4:24pm

PM notifications have stopped showing up for me as well Donna,
I do get email ones from posts though eventually ..
I find the hard part is to remember to susbcribe after replying to each new post :(

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 10:11am
OK will do. You too, as I also do not recieve notifications..... need I say this is getting on my nerves... ;O)