Q: How often do you use your microwave?

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Q: How often do you use your microwave?
Sat, 01-19-2013 - 12:30pm

Donna ( our past pioneer woman)  mentioned getting a new microwave installed.  So I'm wondering how often you all use your microwave and what you use it for mainly...  and do you microwave your sponges in it, how often does something really go biserk in your microwave and make a horrendous mess , is it builit in or a counter model?  ETC... meaning whatever else you want to say or ask....  hahahahaha

As for me: I have a counter top model.  I do not cook meals in it and I do not like to thaw food in it either.  I use it to heat up leftovers, melt chocolate and butter, to reheat tea or coffee gone cold, and that's about it. My mom would cook meat and everything in it.. she loved it.  I use it a few times a day, would not like to be without it as I think it's nice to heat my tea in it and saves energy.    My microwave " goes biserk" when dh is using it.  I was watching a TV program the other night and he wanted to surprise me and bring down some hot soup that I had made for us (creamy veggie soup).   When I popped upstairs on the commercial, he was up to his neck in towels, paper towels, sponges and milky crap literally all over the place, it was hard to find the microwave.  No soup left that night.  I did help him clean uup the mess as when he does, I usually end up with 2 days of laundry...  LOL    Oh and I do disenfect my kitchen sponges in it,, also put them in the dishwasher at night.   


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Sun, 01-20-2013 - 5:40pm

My microwave is part of my built-in oven unit. It's an okay microwave - would love to replace it, however that will mean replacing the oven too.  So, when one dies, they will both go.  My stove is a flat cook top which is installed in the island.  I really like the layout of our kitchen.

We use it quite a bit. DH makes a cup of instant cappucino each morning.  And I make hot water to sip on throughout the day or evening.  Occasionally, I'll add a tea bag or squeeze some lemon into the water.

We do use it to steam cook our fresh veggies and heat up leftovers.  I also like to use it to make my scrambled eggbeaters. 

I don't use sponges.  DH and I are both good about clean up any mess we make, but usually it doesn't happen.


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Mon, 01-21-2013 - 10:42am
Like you, Suzan, I don't cook meals in it except for maybe frozen veggies. Other wise I use the microwave to heat things up or to melt things like butter. Ours is a counter top model which quit working yesterday and now I so miss it! Am usually always heating up water in it for tea through out the day. We have an old one in our camper that takes a bit longer to heat thing up, but at least it works. I just have to wait for dh to go and get it. We keep out camper parked over on his parents land during the winter. Usually no major mess in the microwave unless one of us forgets to cover up things that will make a mess.


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Thu, 01-24-2013 - 12:53pm

I think we use our microwave for all the usual things, except cooking a meal.

Reheating left overs, heating up veggies, popcorn, melting butter for said popcorn, heating up drinks coffee, hot chocolate, teas.

One exception I will make baked potatoes in it, since it is quicker than in the oven and they tastes as good.

I too have used it on my sponges and a quick warmer for a moist towel for achy body ares.

Amazingly when microwaves first came out, the only person I knew that could make crunchy chicken in a microwave was my mother. I tried to do it like her and never could. She and her microwave got along so well she could make full tasty dinners in the microwave. I know my husband has occasionally tried to sneak by some reheated meat and I always bust him, it just tastes different.

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Fri, 02-01-2013 - 5:02pm

Hi 50's! 

my mom also could make a meal and a crispy one in the microwave .   I stopped trying that early on LOL

I like a baked potato in the microwave too,,, as a matter of fact I'm going to have one tomarrow for lunch or dinner.   So easy.