Readin & Watchin?

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Readin & Watchin?
Fri, 12-28-2012 - 9:23am

What 'cha been reading & watching lately?


I'm reading a Linda Castillo book called  "Overkill".... pretty good too ;O) 
Last night dh and I watched an old film, The Firm (Gene Hackman and a young Tom Cruise). 
It was good .....  based on a John Grishom book .
Downside was : we watched it on TV, so had to suffer thru commercials... ugh...  



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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 11:46am
That does sound interesting Pat,,,, let us know your favorite letters !
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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 11:00am

I love reading John Grisham books- most of the movies are pretty good.
Lately, I have been watching alot of old classics on tv.This morning I watched Finian's Rainbow & Funny Girl.

I have started to read "Letters For a Nation" really interseting.It is letters & excerpts from letters written by many famous persons from all generations. Really interesting!

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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 4:48am
Hi DONNA, Still typing the name of recipient in the msg box...... hmmmm Sorry I haven't read but one N. Sparks books, and yes it was sad... also not into really sad books,,,, I like the Cmas jar idea.... I do fill up a jar and was depositing the contents when filled into my ds's account but now that Mikie has arrived,, ;O) One of the Cmas presents we gave to ds/dil this year was an account for Mikie. That is where we will continue to deposit my piggie bank money each time now. We put a sizeable amount in his new account for Cmas, hoping by the time he reaches 18 he'll have a real good start on his college fund (if he needs to study in the states). We watched a so called Cmas movie last night : Bad Santa,,,, they put it on in the 7pm slot which for me would mean kids would be watching it,,, but that certainly was NOT a children's movie... Billy Bob Thornton... etc..... "very crude " language. Normally though Donna, I do like to watch Christmas movies and other holiday specials.
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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 4:37am
Will check that one out Hugs,,, I finished one by her a few weeks back and liked it...
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Sun, 12-30-2012 - 11:21pm

I have needed this thread, thank you for starting it Suzan!! I have read a few 'fluff' books as my brain needed a rest from my usual 'smart' books. Now I'm tired of boring romance novels and need something with more substance. My fluff books recently have been....

A Place Called Home...Jo Goodman
The Best of Friends...Susan Mallery
All He Ever Wanted...Anita Shreve

They were okay, but certainly not page turners.

I am now reading a sweet little book called The Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright. It would make a good Christmas movie. Our church gave a book and empty jar to each family. We'll fill the jars with money and bring them back on the first day of Advent 2013 to be blessed and then we'll all take our jars out to give to someone. We'll try to give anonymously as it matters not who we are, it's something to help out the recipients at Christmas time.....

Keep some tissues on hand for this holiday story that is sure to be a Christmas classic!

Where had it come from? Whose money was it? Was I to spend it? Save it? Pass it on to someone more needy? Above all else, why was I chosen? Certainly there were others, countless others more needy than I...Her reporter's intuition insisted that a remarkable story was on the verge of the front page.

Rising newspaper reporter Hope Jensen uncovers the secret behind the "Christmas Jars" - glass jars filled with coins and bills anonymously given to people in need. But Hope discovers much more than she bargained for when some unexpected news sets off a chain reaction of kindness and brings about a Christmas Eve wish come true.


I just ordered 'Room', thank you Teri for mentioning it! It does look very good! Glad to see you back again too!!

Have any of you read Nicholas Sparks book Safe Haven? I like his books a lot and want to order one, but some of them have sad endings and I do not like sad endings!! When I'm surprised in the ending with the death, or something similar, of one of the main favored characters, it makes me angry with the author!! They can take an ending in either direction and I only like good endings. I think sad ending books need a warning label on them!! But, that's just me. ;)

I don't remember if I read these books, but I did see the movies....

Message In A Bottle..bad ending!
Road to Rodanthe..totally *loved* this story, but the ending left me sobbing and wanting to slap N Sparks!!!
And others.

See what I mean? Embarassed

Do you know which of his books has happy endings?

About audio books...I've tried several times, but can't do it. My mind is distracted way too easily and especially while driving my car. Yet I almost always listen to talk radio while driving. I don't know why that's different from listening to a book. Just one of my very few simple flaws I!!

Hobbit reviews...From reviews that I've read, it seems some people are comparing it too much with LOTR. The Hobbit is it's own lighthearted book and is written for children. The movie mostly follows it without being scary or dark like LOTR. It does tie in LOTR though. I loved LOTR and want to see Hobbit.

Watching...We're still watching Christmas movies every night that we're home. They'll run on Netflix through NYDay. We'll begin watching other types after that. We like Cmas movies year round, but there will be a lot less available after Jan. 1st. We're not watching any tv at this time except that I do still keep up with my daytime soap Days Of Our Lives that I've been watching for 40 some years.

Sorry this is so long, I lumped all of your messages into one big reply. Surprised


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Sun, 12-30-2012 - 10:08pm

Am reading *Already Home* ( I think that is the name, LOL) by Susan Mallory,
Watching some movies on Hallmark & Lifetime for now.
Soon our regular shows will be back :)

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Sun, 12-30-2012 - 2:29pm
Oh U are so lucky that it's starts today..... I really really liked it.... will have to wait til I get to Ankara sometime again to watch it,,, doesn't play here unless it's in German and as I said, don't plan to watch it in German.... ugh,, (the translations just don't "cut the mustard"! LOL So enjoy it.....
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Sun, 12-30-2012 - 9:10am

Suzan: The Dark Knight Rises was sooo long, for one thing and went into a lot of unneeded back story, dragging out those parts way too much. I want superhero action and cool "toys" when I watch a movie like this and I just didn't feel I got enough Batman scenes. I liked the ending though. It had a nice twist and would work either as the end of the series or leave the possibility of another sequel.

I'm sorry to hear The Hobbit got bad reviews. I loved the book and really want to see the movie. The only thing is, when I saw the ads for it, the character of Bilbo Baggins didn't look like I pictured him in the book. I wonder if others thought so and that affected the movie?

I like listening to books in the car. I don't think it's any more distracting than having someone talking to you as you drive. It doesn't work well in situations that need more concentration, though. If I'm lost or in heavy traffic, I tend to lose track of the story, so if I notice that happening I turn the book off till the stress is over.  But for long, monotonous drives it really passes the time. It's a little tricky sometimes to change disks when driving, though. I can do it, but need a long straight stretch with no traffic (or, in town, a stop light) to do it, lol.

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Sun, 12-30-2012 - 8:53am
According to my tv shedule, Downton Abbey will be on this Sunday! I'm really looking forward to it!

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Sun, 12-30-2012 - 2:57am
Hi ANN and I thought Dark Knight Rises got great reviews.... little do I know..... I heard The Hobbit got bad reviews,,,, that was a surprise...... (I haven't seen it myself) Maybe I should start to listhen to books in my car,, is it not distracting? Just wondering.....