Updates: Nov 15th

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Updates: Nov 15th
Thu, 11-15-2012 - 8:25am

Here is the latest update from CM Jessica:

Right now, there are 3 buckets of requests I've given the tech team:

Post-launch fixes: Essentially, these are the items on the Top 10 list I created immediately after launch plus any outages / error pages that have cropped up since then. I think it's safe to put "post launch fixes" in the "weeks" column. Thankfully, these message boards fixes are the top priority among all iVillage projects and the entire team is assigned to work on them. At this point, they're all being worked on concurrently. 

Known Bugs: After the post-launch fixes are complete, I'll start prioritizing a few bugs a week for them to fix. This is a long list, so it could take months.

Phase 2 improvements & add-ons: This list includes things like adding back in Tagging or creating a smarter Archiving experience...larger projects that will take weeks of time, each. Also in this bucket -- building features that we didn't launch with (Marking things as read or unread, for example) because our platform doesn't support it.

After post-launch fixes are complete, the plan is to tackle one Phase 2 project while also addressing a few from the Known Bugs column each week.

I wish I had more concrete estimates -- I'll share them when I do! Sometimes, I don't get solid time estimates until the team is close to finding a fix for the item they're working on.