Weekend: What's up?

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Weekend: What's up?
Sat, 12-08-2012 - 10:12am

Finally I was able to sign in..... 

I'm patiently waiting for the inlaws plane to land.  All is ready.  I've moved my laptop upstairs (off the dining room table  LOL).  Coffee is here with me this afternoon. 

Yesterday spent the afternoon with Mikey at dil's (not here).  Much easier over there, I don't have a small crib here,, which I am thinking might be a good idea, just have to talk dh into it.  ;O)

Sunday, plan to take MIL/FIL out to lunch and view the XMAS tree at the Mercedes Benz Showroom, then proceed to the town's local Christmas market /with live music.  Then home and will rest a bit then start dinner (baked salmon), ds , dil , Mikey will come over for dinner to show off the baby.

No plans for Monday, except cleaning lady arrives in the afternoon.  I have made no other plans for the time they are here and don't plan to make any. ;O)

I'll be here when I  can ,  have a nice weekend .... "see" ya soon .

So what are you all up to?


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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 5:30pm

That's probably what we'll do, too. I figure she can sleep in this room on the futon with a rail or my neighbor says she puts a foam "swim noodle" under the bedding on one side and that makes enough of a ridge so the grands don't fall out. 

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