$10 Gifts for a young couple

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$10 Gifts for a young couple
Tue, 02-14-2012 - 8:32am

We have a young

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Tue, 02-14-2012 - 8:39am
No ideas because I don't know the them but I think if you're creative you can pinpoint the perfect gift to its receiver around $10.00. I think in this current economy this is a good idea.

Do not assume you know how successful someine's business is.

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Tue, 02-14-2012 - 11:22pm
Congratulations to you for understanding when they didn't have the money.

When we were a young couple, we had only $10 a mth for our fun money and for 10 mths of the year it had to go to birthdays as DH's family insisted that each person give $5 to the birthday person to spend as they wanted. There were 12 of us that this applied to & our birthday money was needed to pay for our insurance & Xmas presents that were also required. Everyone else had money & we didn't. Our annual fun budget ended up being $20 (2 mths that there were no birthdays). Fast forward 15 yrs, we are financially stable & ILs proceed to make stupid decisions/divorce/overspend & now have no money so all gift giving stops including to our kids who are 10 to 15 yrs younger than there cousins who got birthday/xmas presents until they were in their 20s.

What I learned was that it was the thought that counted to me not the amount spent on a gift. My ILs never cared that we were broke but they weren't going to do without to give us anything. So I learned to do what I want. I still give my great-nephew & nieces presents when I want to & I try to find something I think they will like. I am rarely thanked but that isn't their fault that their parents have taught them nothing. I do what gives me pleasure. My one BIL has never had money, doesn't have any today but he faithfully sends every family member a birthday card that arrives a week before your birthday. Again, this costs little because it's all he can afford but I love those cards as they are special as he puts his heart into each one.

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Wed, 02-15-2012 - 12:02am

I wouldn't feel cheap getting a $10 gift , especially since that's the price THEY have set!

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Wed, 02-15-2012 - 12:37pm

If there are ever strings attached to a gift, please make sure you put it in the card so the recipient can decide if they can accept the strings or would rather return the gift.

If those gifts were given with the intent and understanding that in better financial times, they would reciprocate with higher priced gifts, they should have known in advance so they could return the gift or agree to and abide by the financial gift giving agreement.

If you can truly give a gift from your heart and feel that $10 is appropriate, by all means do it. If they have a problem with it, shame on them.

If a gift is given and there is the expectation of a thank you card, a judgement anywhere on anyone for not sending the thank you card, that gift was given with an expectation and isn't truly a gift. It's a payment for something in return and needs to be made clear. The silent expectations and judgements attached to gift giving comes nowhere from the heart of gift giving.

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Thu, 02-16-2012 - 2:49pm

I think that you should give a gift that is something that suits the recipient, that you think they would like. You get to set the dollar value. I understand the frustration of having given expensive gifts over the years while receiving nothing in return, and when they finally start gifting the gifts don't match what you think they can afford.