Am I helping or Am I being stupid?

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Am I helping or Am I being stupid?
Fri, 12-24-2010 - 2:39am

I have a friend who I met 5 years ago and we were both into drugs so bad that we abandoned our children with there father's and left to live a bad

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Fri, 12-24-2010 - 11:17am

I think you've been a good friend.

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Fri, 12-24-2010 - 12:05pm
Excellent reply, paradigmshifter.
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Sun, 12-26-2010 - 12:52am

What do I think?

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Mon, 12-27-2010 - 3:38pm

Honestly, I don't blame your dh.

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Mon, 12-27-2010 - 9:06pm

I agree with the others. I don't blame your DH for not wanting your friend back into your life. Your friend does have someone to help her, so you aren't going to be needed by her as much. Explain to her your DH gets upset about your friendship with her and keep the communication to a minimum. That way, you're not cutting her off completely.

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