am i wrong? sis driving me cray-zee!!!

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am i wrong? sis driving me cray-zee!!!
Fri, 05-02-2003 - 12:15am
ok... i am planning a party for my parents, family, and friends. i really want to make this thing work out, and i am trying to figure out exactly when to do this.

my dad owns a beachhouse about 2 hours from where we all live. we decided that we wanted to have a party, and i invite my boyfriends family (my future inlaws)- brothers, parents, and all- and my dad and mom's friends, and a few of my sister's friends as well. my sis is a junior in high school. she is really busy with as her school stuff, and her get-togethers with her friends, yadda yadda yadda.

well, it has been difficult to try and figure out a weekend that we can plan this party, mostly becuase we try and plan it around my sister's schedule. well, most of us came to the conclusion to have this party in the last weekend in may. that seems when the most people can go.

i hear now, that my sister feels like attending the senior graduation of a acquantance-friend of hers. the graduation is on the same weekend of the scheduled party. you have to understand, our high school graduation classes run between 900-1000. i dont know why she wants to sit through a 3 hour ceremony for a girl she knows okay, but from experience, i know that you never actually get to see the graduate. she will then leave, and not really get a chance to talk to my sister. the ceremony is an hour away, and my sister doesnt have a ride, and she cant drive.

but my sister is REALLY angry at me that i am trying to plan this party so that as many people as possible can go, and its mostly around her schedule. i am trying to accommodate everyone.

am i wrong? i dont really see how she can get to the ceremony itself, yet she wants me to reschedule the party on account that she wants to try and go to this graduation.

any input? HELP! im confused. am i in the wrong here?

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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 12:27am
No, you are completely in the right on this one. It sounds as if your sister thinks the world should revolve around her, and she's trying to manipulate you into doing just that. Why on earth should she think that HER schedule is more important than the schedules of all these people you are going to invite??? Too bad for her - if she finds a ride and goes to the graduation, and misses your party, that's her problem. Don't let it worry you. Plan your party with or without her, and have FUN!!!