Bored with family's conversation?

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Bored with family's conversation?
Tue, 05-27-2003 - 12:33pm

Does anyone there feel very bored with their immediate family's usual conversation? (Not spouse or children)Is it really repetitive and predictable? This gets on my nerves, but I can't just come out and tell them. If I bring up a new topic, they talk about it for a minute, then go back to the usual boring stuff. I have a very small family, so there is no variety, no way to avoid it.To me, conversations with practical strangers are more interesting. Or I'd rather just talk to myself!

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Thu, 05-29-2003 - 12:31am
My Mom tells me the same thing over and over again. Has been doing it forever. I've called her nearly every night for the past 30 years and listened to soooo much repetition. It's why I prefer to call than visit. My new DH is family oriented and loves to go visit. He and his mom haven't spoken for years and he adores my Mom. But he's outside working around the place and I'm inside listening to Mom's stories. Sigh...

But she's 74 and I won't have her forever. I'll miss those stories one day.