Cousin's wedding dilemma.

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Cousin's wedding dilemma.
Thu, 09-20-2012 - 2:50pm


So my cousin made a facebook invitation to her wedding and invited people to join the group. She posted that she hasn't sent her invites out yet. Now apparently she has mailed out her paper invites but I haven't received one so now I'm worried that I'm not invited to the wedding. I don't want to cause her any stress but should I just ask if I'm invited or not? I really need to know because I already asked off of work for it and had my BF do the same.

This is why using facebook as a wedding invitation is soo tacky and wrong. Another thing is she didn't put any reception details on the facebook invite only the church's information and time for the actual wedding. Is it common to just get invited to the actual wedding and not the reception?

I've only been to a couple of weddings in my family but I've always received a paper invite.

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 4:40pm
I agree with travelermom...if you're close enough to her it shouldn't be a problem asking her. My niece got married last month and I needed info on the invite before I received it (destination wedding) so I asked. If you aren't sure you're invited due to the type of relationship I would tread lightly.