Dealing with being ignored

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Dealing with being ignored
Tue, 12-17-2013 - 3:01pm


  Would really appreciate some feedback on what would be the healthiest.    I am stuck and struggling.   I've decided that this year i am not going to all my usuall efforts for Christmas with one of my daughters.  This following note explains why.  What I am wondering is if I should send the note to her or not.  One of the things I value is communication so that would be one reason I would send it.  But again, it is very difficult to try to communicate when there is little or no response. .  Thanks  I know this is such a busy time but wold appreciate this soon.

Sending letters, gifts, cards or messages are one way I reach out to stay connected and build relationship with the people that I love.   I send these things because I care. When they are not acknowledged, it leaves me wondering:  Did you receive them? Do you value them? Do you care? And I wonder what action to take in the future. Back in May, I sent a letter to you inviting your ideas, wants, needs on how we want be a part of each other’s lives, including holidays and special occasions.    Since I have not heard anything from you I’ll assume this is not so important to you.  I could be wrong but until I hear otherwise from you I will not really know how you feel.

Since I have little idea if the efforts I make are of value to you, I am refraining from my usual holiday efforts this year but send this little card to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas.

Love as always,