family member selling product taking away from sales ..sensitive

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family member selling product taking away from sales ..sensitive
Wed, 11-16-2011 - 8:29pm

My nephew's wife is selling products in my store....candy, cookies...all home made....and it's taking away from the sales of our store items...the customers are buying their home made products and the store sales have gone down...this is my brother's son....i don't want family feud but it's hurting my they want to set up their own display rack.

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What was the original arrangement?

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I agree, you should get a cut for each sale.

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Are you the only people selling their products?

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I think you need to stand up to them and tell them what you want. If you want them to stop...speak up. It's your business.

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I sent you a pm about something off topic.

OP, without more specifics, if it's not a large rack, I'd ask for 15% and look into other products that their sales won't interfere with.


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You really need to look at the legal and health aspect of this, for example if someone were to get sick from the baked goods your business would be sued and the 10% or what ever you got would not make up for what you would have to pay out, plus your insurance may not even cover it, which is something you may want to check into with your insurer.