Follow up on ex-wife/son prob

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Follow up on ex-wife/son prob
Tue, 08-19-2003 - 1:29pm
Thanks to all who responded. I talked to my boyfriend the other day about this and he said that he has no control over what his son does, but he will not treat me that way in his presence. He also said not to be afraid to stand up to him - this is my house too and I shouldnt have to put up with his immature crap. I told him about the "Madonna" thing and he said thats exactly what it is, but he certainly isnt catering to his ex.

I think I just have to accept that the son is always going to believe that Im inferior to his mother. The other day, my bf daughter said that her mom was planning on talking to the son about the way he treats me - hopefully it will resolve this issue, but I doubt it. Again, thanks for your in put :)