Handling the holidays

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Handling the holidays
Tue, 12-16-2003 - 4:59pm
I wanted to get advice on handling relatives you have to see on Christmas. Maybe we could all come up with some good ideas for being cordial during this holiday and programming ourselves to let the rude comments go in one ear and out the other. :) I'm sure we all have people we'd rather not see but have to...lets come up with a game plan!!!
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Tue, 12-16-2003 - 5:41pm

I will be using my standard advice.

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Tue, 12-16-2003 - 8:02pm
"verrrry nice" makes a good response to something catty or rude. It makes the point without getting into a fuss.
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Thu, 12-18-2003 - 7:57am

Good one! Also replying "Well, how about that!" Or for the particuarily obnoxoius: "Your SUCH a sweetie! aren't you?"

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Thu, 12-18-2003 - 8:49am
Okay...that one just cracks me up!
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Thu, 12-18-2003 - 4:44pm
These are all great suggestions. My Grandmother is very good at this kind of thing. She'll use a phrase like "Well, how about that" and then follow it up with a quick subject change. "You know, your Aunt Betty called yesterday..." "Hey, did I show you the new...?" Works like a charm.
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Mon, 12-22-2003 - 9:51pm

We're having the usual in-laws over for Christmas dinner. I've had these get-togethers often at my house, because DH and I have the only house big enough to handle everyone. A small part of my family will be joining us, as well. So, with several loud drunken arguments and even fist-fights on the front lawn; yelling between two particular left/right wing members about Bush, the war, taxes, and religion;