Heather, answers to your questions

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Heather, answers to your questions
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:54am
Thank you for your tolerance. We live in NW Indiana and when some people find out that we are Atheists, they look at us like we have a second head and begin to avoid us.

Actually, we celebrate most holidays, only for the Christian holdidays we make our own traditions based on the ancient holidays that the Christians took over. We kind of base our celebrations on the Earths position around the Sun, so, we celebrate the Equinox rather than Easter, and Solstice rather than Christmas. Honestly, we aren't really big into holdidays anyway as we have always been given a subpeona to appear at boring family functions. My Mom has begun to give up on us, so she tends to spend the time with my sister, the hypocrite Christian, instead of us. I think that she considers what we do to be kind of pagan and feels sacreligious by participating. Its kind of rediculous, but I respect her feelings. We have friends who feel the same as we do and other friends who will take any opportunity to party, so, we do our own thing. The sad part is that I think my Dad would like to spend more time with us, but doesn't because of my Mom.

The nice thing is that because our holidays tend to fall on different days than Christian holidays, so, our kids are free to spend all holidays with their other parents, or with other family if they choose to. No more argueing.