"High Maintenance" ???

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"High Maintenance" ???
Fri, 10-17-2003 - 12:30pm
A friend referred to a particular person as "high maintenance" to her. (NO, it's not ME!)

I'm trying to understand what she meant in order to understand this new friend better.

How would you describe "high maintenance" ???

What are its characteristics?

Is there any particular celebrity or character you could use as an example?

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Fri, 10-17-2003 - 3:55pm
I would be considered "high maintenance". Heck, I describe myself that way sometimes.

Generally speaking, a HM person needs more attention than a regular person. I need attention and time from people. If I don't get it, you will know! LOL Maybe the person needs more time than other friends.

Some people use the term to describe people who are especially vain and need a lot of time to get ready. Or a person who spends a lot of money etc. But those are less frequent.

Hope this helps!

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Fri, 10-17-2003 - 6:35pm
Thanks for bearing with me in understanding this......

She said:

The HM girl liked to talk about herself but ALSO

practically "followed" her around the house (the HM girl was a visitor from across the US)>>

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Mon, 10-20-2003 - 3:42am
I can answer that question. I'm high maintenance. J-Lo, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Anna Nicole Smith (oh yeah!) are all example of high maintenance celebrity. I'm not as high maintenance as the above celebs because I don't have that much dough, but in your typical everyday-woman-next-door I am considered high maintenance.

Most women who are high maintenance: spends hours getting ready to go out every morning. I take about one hour. They spend another hour or so putting on their makeup, or getting dressed. I take about 15minutes, that includes brushing my pearly whites. Sometimes, it takes me longer to find just the right outfit to go with what shoes (always 2" kitten or ankle boots) with which hose and then there's the purse to match the outfit or shoes.

Maybe taking most of the stuff out of that purse, and change them to this purse. For the hair, if you have short hair, they mousse it, gel it up, flip it, and curl it or straighten their hair with iron, or whatever. For me, my long hair will take about 15 minutes to do an up-do with my hairstick trick. Another high maintenance would do during the weekend is to give herself manicure, pedicure, exfoliate so she'll have silky smooth skin, no cracked heels ever! That would be a downer if she wore heels with cracked heels.

Plucking eyebrows or tweezing hair is another chore we go thru. Once a month, for me I'd give myself a hairtrim, cut split ends if there are any. I like my closet organized by colors, longsleeves to short sleeves, whites to blacks and shoes sorted the same way. My jewelries neatly hanging and hidden. Bracelets tuck neatly in drawers next to the earrings. Lingerie drawers neatly in place, organized by colors and styles.

You can tell a woman who are high maintenance by the way they present themselves to the world. They're trendy, stylish and you can tell by the way they pile a collection of make up and lipsticks in the medicine cabinet, instead of medicines. Their favorite subjects are fashion, clothes, and makeup or perfumes. They love to change shampoos, and they take care of themselves INSIDE AS WELL AS OUTSIDE.

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Mon, 10-20-2003 - 9:29am
I am considered self-sufficient, so my take on HM is a bit different. While many women who are as Leslie described often HM, I have known plenty who aren't. To me HM is a person who needs other people to make them Okay. For some reason, they need constant, mostly positive, but will take negative, feedback about themselves. Some seem to be self-focused, and intent on making sure that they get theirs and then some before anyone else does. Others are like lost puppys who need lots of love, but will take any scrap that is thrown to them and then come begging for more. My favorite kind are those who always need to be the center of attention, and will do anything to get it. I am describing extremes, but there are lots of different levels of HM combined with an infinite variety of personalities. HM people tend to be drawn to me because I am a tough person to know, a challange, and they appreciate my cynical outlook.
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Tue, 10-21-2003 - 2:14pm
Another aspect of high maintenence is emotional. People who are HM tend to be takers in relationships rather than givers.
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Tue, 10-21-2003 - 2:16pm
Self-centeredness is definitely part of the HM profile - talking about yourself a lot and expecting people to cater to your needs and always needing to be the center of attention.
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Tue, 10-21-2003 - 7:49pm
I have a little bit different understanding of "High Maintenance."

To me, this means someone (usually a woman) who requires more from her romantic partner than most, in terms of attention, gifts, expensive dates, etc. A typical HM woman would not be pleased with a date to KFC and the drive-in - she wants dinner at a chic restaurant and tickets to a play. She expects her partner to remember her birthday, their anniversary, valentine's day, and every other important date; and not just with a card and a kiss - she wants roses, classy gift (jewelry), and his undivided attention on that day. If he fails in any area of her expectations, it may take a long time and plenty of heartfelt apologies for her to forgive him, if she forgives him at all. In short, I think of HM women as those with high expectations and standards (sometimes unreasonable), and little capacity for forgiveness and flexibility.

I am very much LOW maintenance, but that doesn't mean I'm low-class or don't take good care of myself. It just means I'm very flexible and forgiving; I'm just as happy going to KFC as a chic restaurant if it's with the one I love; and a gift of a new bathrobe means more to me than diamond jewerly (because it shows he's paying attention to what I want/need.)



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Wed, 10-22-2003 - 6:19pm

my hubby always says I am high maintenance as well. I take it to mean he thinks I need a lot of care and attention and expect the best of things. . . . . .

of course, that's all in his mind; I was fine as a single mom for many years before he came into my life - think he's just looking for an excuse to spend the money anyway!

hope that helps!