How to get husband to think wife's idea is his idea

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How to get husband to think wife's idea is his idea
Thu, 11-11-2010 - 9:07am

I'm new at this so please tell me if I have this in the wrong discussion board.

My friend asked me for my advice regarding how to get her husband to listen to her ideas.

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What is it she is trying to get her DH to agree to, just random things in general?

I know there are a ton of ideas I have, that my DH simply has no interest in.

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Hi Carmen,
Yes you're in the right place and welcome. I think the idea of getting him to think it's his idea could work for certain things, but there are times where she will need to lay the cards out on the table.

If she succeeds in this mode of communication, she may get the desired results, but after awhile, she may grow to resent it. Who wants to never have their ideas recognized nor get credit?

I'm not married, but I know women who "put it out there" and sometimes their DH bites. They'll be sitting on lawn chairs and the wife will say to DH how nice it would be to have a deck. The DH sometimes will feed into it saying "I know. Let's build a deck!" I suppose leaving visual reminders around could help too. Like a photo of beautiful sunset to remind the DH vacation time is coming soon.

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Sometimes if you start a sentence with......

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Ho Carmenof2,

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I think that if my husband didn't find anything that came out of my mouth worth listening to I might let my divorce attorney talk to him instead.