I should further explain.....

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I should further explain.....
Thu, 05-01-2003 - 10:51am
I should give a more thorough explaination of the circumstances about this.

My kids are 12 and 8 and are old enough to know what to touch and what not to touch. I was able to remodel my living room to the tune of over $2000.00. I should mention that the carpet is a light gray. I know, not the best choice, but, it is beautiful and I CANNOT have kids (or adults for that matter) eating and spilling things on it, period.

I had had several "incidents" with these families in the past and their children. They have colored on my walls, gotten into our bedrooms and destroyed things (CDs, knick-knacks, etc). One of the children was in the middle of being potty trained and the mother didn't feel it was necessary he wear a diaper to my house. Consequently, he had multiple accidents all over my home. Another family felt it was necessary to bring their dog with them - he "marked" everything in my house. One of the children likes to throw things in the house and has broken pictures or put holes in the wall. The parents weren't watching one of their children and he threw a pile of rocks into my swimming pool. I am totally not exagerrating about this either!!

These families have told me that there are homes they won't visit with their kids because they don't want them to destroy anything (I guess mine isn't one of those).

When I talk to these families on the phone, as I do on occasion, I don't mention specific incidences, however, I have said things like:

"I'm really picky about my house being clean." (I really am and I know it)

"I'm really worried something will happen to my rug."

"I don't mean to be rude, but I have too much equipment in that bedroom to let kids in it unsupervised."

I try to let them know how picky I am about my house, and neurotic I am, trying not to blame them, but letting them know nonetheless. I do agree with the one poster who said I WOULD BE THE ONE TO RELAX if I pack and barricade everything off. She is absolutely right. However, my kids were young once and no matter whose house we went to, whether it was a total dump or a beautiful mansion, they did not touch anything and I watched them 100% of the time. I would never have asked anyone to move anything or barricade anything off.

Oh well, I am going to just barricade and pack everything up. At least then I'll be able to enjoy the day. However, a few of these 4-yo kids can climb over gates - NOW WHAT??? UGH!!!

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Thu, 05-01-2003 - 10:54pm
How about hiring some extra help, or enlisting the help of a friend or neighbor, to watch over some of these rooms for you during the party? Like a babysitter for the house?